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Spiritual Counseling and Transformational Energy Sessions

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Heart Lotus

Alchemy of Love Energy Transmission

Transformational energy sessions that focus a flow of unconditional love to heal, awaken, and integrate the soul.

Rainbow Bridge

Link to the Soul

Build and clarify the bridge of light and consciousness that aligns with the Soul and grounds Soul consciousness through the body and into the Earth.

Deepen Your Path

Designed to support those ready to commit themselves to profound spiritual transformation, this nine-month personal intensive guides you step by step into a deeper, loving relationship with your Soul and the purpose of your life.



Nature Essence Elixirs

Spirit-powered Nature Essence formulations that catalyze growth while promoting balance and integration.

Rainbow Bridge

Partnering With Earth

Open to a deeper connection and a new reality of love and relationship with Nature and our beloved planet Earth.


Alchemy of Love

Animal Friends Energy Transmission

Energy healing sessions to support the health and well-being of beloved animal companions.

Client Appreciations for Alana & Inner Path

Our session was amazing! Going to the Earth Star continues to feel magical and expansive. I experience a broader and grander channel, and I am inside the channel of golden light. I feel very nurtured by your session. I feel stronger and more confident, more light-hearted and deeply grateful. Thank you so much, Alana. I have great appreciation for your guidance and the profound experiences you create.

Elizabeth Revely, Hawaii

“Along the path of life, we are sometimes gifted with meeting someone walking a parallel journey. Alana Davis is one of these people to me. As an intuitive healer and traveled spiritual guide, she creates a sacred space to consciously unfold the connection with your Soul. Alana is guided by your soul’s directive, clearing what is needed to allow the soul’s light to anchor in the body, to integrate the shifts, and to radiate more light from within. With immense gratitude for her work, I would highly recommend Alana’s work to brighten the spark of your Soul’s presence and light. “

Carrie Tempalski, Colorado

I have turned to Alana Marie, and the space she is able to generate by her own groundedness and soul connection, when I feel myself blinded and unclear of the path in front of me. Her compassion and unconditional love and acceptance have made it easier to ask for the necessary assistance. The clarity of her guidance has always enabled the insight necessary for me to proceed unhindered by doubt. This is such a gift and blessing that I would wish it for everyone.

Janet L., New York

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