Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of requests can or should I make for my energy session?

Energy sessions can be focussed around almost any area in your life where you are experiencing conflict, emotional or physical pain, stuckness, confusion, loss, or imbalance. In other words, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual aspects of self can be addressed in these sessions. Often, the challenges you want help with involve multiple causes and levels. The team that Alana works with has expertise in discerning causes and unraveling them in the most effective approach.

However, an energy session need not be problem-oriented per se. Requests for support can be stated in terms of a positive change that you want to manifest in your life. For example, you might ask that your heart be opened more fully, or your love for self deepen. The team will naturally address whatever obstacles stand in the way of creating what you want. I suggest asking for help with whatever area of your life presses upon your awareness, perhaps causing you tension or excitement. This is typically the area that is ready to transform, and to which your Soul is calling your attention.

How frequently should I receive an energy session?

That depends both on your motivation and enthusiasm for your spiritual development, along with your soul’s timing to take the steps on your journey. Each session provides the measure of support that your soul and guides feel is optimal for you:  profound enough to initiate significant change but not throw you out of balance in the process. Often, integration time is necessary after each session, perhaps 2 to 3 weeks.  Alana can check at the end of a session as to what might be your optimal timing for the next. If you are doing a series of sessions, such as the Link to the Soul series, then generally they would be scheduled about 2 weeks apart. 

Is the energy work appropriate for children or teenagers?

The alchemy of love energy work can often be very helpful to children and teenagers. With this age group, the emphasis is on supporting the natural developmental stages of growing up and on mental and emotional balance. Many times working with a parent in conjunction with the child is recommended.

What are the differences between Inner Path and psychotherapy?

Inner Path fits largely in the domain of transpersonal psychology and therapy. This means that the approach is holistic and includes all aspects of the person: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The emphasis of Inner Path is spiritual development, but necessarily the whole person engages in this process. While the energy transmission experience is not analytical, it is often insightful in terms of the inner dynamics of the personality. Often, hidden areas of the psyche that are ready to be healed are revealed in the course of a session. The client’s ability to be present, aware, and sensitive to the body and feelings will determine the degree that psychological insight may arise. One significant difference from more traditional psychotherapy is that because the energy work largely bypasses analysis, shifts in insight, emotional states, and integration can happen very quickly. Another difference is that soul integration requires a foundation of a fairly balanced and integrated ego/personality not struggling with high-stress pathology or dysfunction. 

Is “shadow work” included as part of the healing with the energy transmissions?

The foundational intention of Inner Path is to restore the wholeness of self, to realize and embody the Soul or true Self. At times, this does involve reaching into the depths of the unconscious where aspects of self dwell in separation from the light of the Soul and Source. These aspects are caught in illusion-based fear, anger, judgment, or other “heavy” emotional states. They are immersed in energies that keep them imprisoned or “shadowed” from truth and from love. Typically, these aspects reject the light; the very love that would set them free is perceived as threatening or painful. Through the alchemy of unconditional love, these imprisoning illusions are dissolved, forgiven, and released. Of course, there is always a choice for the individual as to whether they are willing to address the shadowed aspects of self. With the presence of the Christ and the light of Source lovingly “holding our hand” as we approach our inner darkness,  even the most resistive aspects yield their separation and are returned home to Self/Source. This return to the light is the greatest joy for the Soul and is cause for celebration! 

If a session addresses past trauma, could I get re-traumatized in the process?

In order to release past trauma, it is not necessary to re-live it. The team of helpers, along with the soul, decide whether or not a conscious insight or remembrance of the past is important in order to heal. If you have the capacity to face something heavy from a place of non-judgmental witnessing, then your awareness might be opened to insight or memory from past impacts. These can be profound and meaningful moments during which the purpose or lessons from past events are revealed. Radical shifts in understanding and perception of the past can be important to healing it. Because the healing is held within the reality and flow of unconditional love, healing past trauma is cushioned in a sweetness that gently melts away fear and resistance.  Love is the solvent and the resolution. 

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