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Alana Davis

An Experienced Guide for Your Spiritual Journey

One truth about the spiritual path is that it is necessary to walk it in order to know and understand it. Even the deepest spiritual texts and literature, however inspiring, can never stand in place of experience when it comes to spiritual development. The path of awakening requires deep self-examination and insight into the unconscious. Guides and teachers are needed who know the territory, recognize the milestones and pitfalls, can see through the personality’s blindspots and illusions, and can hold space with love and compassion.


,Alana has been blessed with extraordinary spiritual guidance and training over the past 35 years. After completing her B.A. degree in Transpersonal Psychology, and her M.A. degree in Humanistic Counseling Psychology, she embarked upon a more intuitive and experiential learning path. This included working with nature essences, which developed her sensitivity to nature and the subtle energies and healing potentials of plants and minerals.

Soon after moving to Sedona, Arizona in 1985, she met a woman who became her closest friend, spiritual co-explorer, and teacher. Moneca Taylor-Dinkel is a gifted energy healer, spiritual teacher, and channel for the Ascended Masters. Alana’s and Moneca’s paths braided together through a shared passion for spiritual growth and exploration, and their commitment to follow the path illumined by the Christ and the Ascended Masters who guide Earth and Humanity.

Through these decades of meditation and training, Alana has developed her abilities to feel and experience subtle realms of consciousness. Her awareness can penetrate deep into the psyche and body, unveiling hidden sources of imbalance. Through partnering with inner plane healers, Alana is able to transmit healing frequencies, stimulate shifts in consciousness, and support Soul integration. She is especially adept at helping people to ground, connect with the living intelligence that is our Earth, and open to receive healing vitality and love sourced from the heart of our planet.

Alana and Moneca continue to learn and grow together. They are support and witness for one another during the challenging and profound experiences that occur in the process of spiritually growing up and waking up. Their relationship is an alchemical crucible for the transformational journey, and both are energy healers and way-showers for others on their spiritual path.

Alana brings to her healing work an exceptional capacity for connection, love, and empowerment. She knows from experience the unfathomable love, power, and guidance that is available to the sincere seeker from the community of inner plane healers and and Masters guiding the evolutionary path of earth and humanity . She models and teaches through her own alignment with the Soul and with Earth, and provides a nurturing cradle of love that provides ease and safety in taking one’s spiritual steps.

As Guide,

 Alana Provides…

  • A safe, loving environment that enhances deep connection with self.
  • Alignment with the soul to direct the focus & work of each session.
  • Insight into how your life events and issues reflect spiritual lessons and growth opportunities.
  • Resources for your questions about the soul’s journey.
  • Tailor-made practices that deepen and extend the work of each session.

Alana’s Vision

Alana’s deepest desire for each person she has the honor of guiding is that they experience the reality, tangibility, and intimacy of Divine Unconditional Love. In knowing this fathomless love, wounds are healed, and illusions of separation dissolve. We open and surrender to our essential love nature, our radiant Soul. This profound relationship with oneself and the Divine inspires joy and gratitude, which naturally overflow into a desire to share our love with the world.

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