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Transformational Energy Healing

Inner Path offers specialized support for anyone called to the inward path of self-discovery, soul integration, and spiritual awakening. The services of Inner Path deepen direct experience and relationship with the Soul and with Divine Presence, and the embodiment of the Soul’s light and purpose. Inner Path is rooted in the Ageless Wisdom tradition and the teachings of the Christ and the Ascended Masters guiding humanity and earth.

Alana Marie Davis, M.A. is the counselor and guide for all Inner Path services. Her own experiences with walking the spiritual path and her specialized training in energy healing qualify her to support others in their journey of soul integration and awakening.

What you seek is seeking you.
Meet in your heart.”

Soul integration is a love relationship between the soul and the human personality, between Spirit and matter. It is an evolutionary process of identity transformation that occurs gradually according to the soul’s timing and approach, resulting in soul-personality fusion and partnership. Its purpose is to allow the soul greater creative expression through the life of the personality, bringing forth the soul’s vision and purpose into manifestation in the world.

 Dynamics of Growth and Transformation 

Balance Mental & Emotional Stress

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Balance is a basic foundation for well-being in general and is essential for spiritual development. The awakening process requires both energy and the capacity to navigate mental and emotional challenges with equanimity.  A balancing energy session releases built-up physical, emotional, and/or mental tensions. It addresses whatever causes of imbalance are currently active and seeks energetic solutions to restore whole-body alignment, grounding, and presence in one’s life.

Forgive & Heal Relationships

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This focus addresses the causes of relationship-based pain and trauma, whether past or present. It gently opens the heart to a more compassionate perspective of all involved parties. Taking responsibility for and forgiving one’s own part in relationship dynamics are keys to both healing and release.

Inner Male/Female Polarity Balance

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Dynamics of the masculine and feminine are inherent in everyone, even though one may identify strongly with one or another of these polarities. Soul/personality fusion requires a level of integration and harmony between the polarities.  An energy session with this focus helps to resolve the inner tensions, misunderstandings, and judgments one holds in the psyche concerning the relationship between the masculine and feminine. While this work is directed to internal change, this will also transform outer male/female dynamics.

Resolve Inner Conflicts

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Persistent mental and emotional tensions often arise from internal conflicts in which aspects of self have wants, needs, or desires that are in opposition to other parts of self. These healing sessions work to make conscious these internal disagreements, listen to the oppositional aspects within the self, and support reconciliation through love, compassion, understanding,  and creative problem-solving.

Ground to Your Body & to the Earth

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Being fully present in life requires being fully grounded in the body, where awareness can center in the present moment and the senses are alive to the environment, inner and outer. As a consequence of living in a culture where many are habituated to living primarily from the mind, we have lost connection with the sensual aliveness and sensitivity of the body. This situation is reflected by our disconnection from nature and is one cause of feelings of isolation and depression. The focus of this energy healing session opens the channels of energy throughout the body. It floods the body with the light of the Soul, a pleasurable experience that nurtures the body and restores joy. It also works to strengthen the connection and communication with the Earth and her resources of vitality and healing.

Open Your Heart

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Many people have yet to explore and awaken the many subtle dimensions and functions of the heart. An open heart offers a more compassionate and loving view of life and a different way of seeing and knowing. On the spiritual journey, the mind gradually surrenders to the heart and to the heart’s wholistic perspective and treasury of wisdom. This focus of energy sessions takes you a step deeper into the vast realm of the heart and into experiencing the profound love nature of the Self.

Clear Old Patterns & Limitations

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Much of the process of waking up involves “cleaning up”: the release of old ways of thinking, perceiving, mindsets, and programming that keep us locked into repeating and limited patterns of behavior and experience. These energy sessions can quickly get to the bottom of these structures that no longer serve and release them without trauma or fear.

Unify Aspects of Self

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Within every person reside a multiplicity of aspects: the child, the adolescent, the know-it-all, the controller, and the victim, to name just a few. This inner congregation at times can create a confusing, conflicting, or self-sabotaging effect on our well-being and functionality. These energy sessions unveil aspects whose voices are not being heard or appreciated. In being seen, heard, respected, and loved, these denied aspects can transform and re-integrate into self, and contribute in positive ways to our life and creative expression.

Experience Your Soul Qualities & Presence

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During an energy session, there often occurs a release of distorted patterns within the mind and body. Following such releases, the soul is able to extend its light and presence into the space that has opened. As this occurs, one can directly feel and experience the soul and its unique qualities. These are profound encounters with one’s true self and nature. As these soul infusion experiences occur and re-occur, we become increasingly saturated with the soul’s presence and eventually know ourselves to BE the soul.

Self-Love and Compassion

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Often the most challenging obstacles to growth involve the ways that we judge and withhold love from ourselves. The power of unconditional love to transform the self cannot be overstated!  This is the primary key to healing. These energy sessions seek to unveil those parts of self that have felt judged and separated, and restore them back into the wholeness of self. Learn how to bless yourself with unconditional love and apply the alchemy of love for self-healing.

Clear and Balance the Chakras

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The chakra system is an intricate and beautiful system of energy centers that modulate our consciousness and interface the inner and outer realms of experience. Chakras can become disorganized, imbalanced, and limited in function. These energy sessions work to free the individual chakras of these issues. In the process, you develop sensitivity to feel what is held in the chakras, let unclear energies go, and unfurl their beauty and their gifts.

Release Resistance to Change

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Even when we sincerely want to change in some area of ourselves, typically not all aspects of self are in full agreement. There may be unconscious fears or past traumatic experiences that sabotage and undermine our efforts to change. The ego stubbornly fights to hold onto its reality and position of control.  This healing focus seeks to unveil specific areas of resistance and establish internal agreement to move forward smoothly with the changes we seek.

Healing Partners

Alana works with a team that gathers in response to the client’s intention for the energy session. The team includes inner-plane teachers and healers, angelic assistants, nature elementals, and especially the client’s own soul.  A lot happens simultaneously on many levels as Alana and her team coordinate their work.  This takes place in the context of a relaxed and safe atmosphere of unconditional love. Throughout, Alana provides verbal feedback and may coach the client on how to participate and share their experience as it unfolds.

Once scheduled, preparations for the session are set in motion. At the time of the appointment, the team is ready to go with a plan of approach, and Alana has prepared herself and the client to ensure agreement to receive what will be offered. As the session concludes, the focus shifts to integration and grounding of the energetic shifts, which often continue for a few days afterward. These energy transmission sessions are offered either in person or online.

Benefits of Soul Integration

  • Greater stability, ease, and adaptability to respond to outer changes and challenges.
  • Grounded living in the present moment.
  • Heightened agency and creativity to solve problems and discover new choices.
  • Orientation to life’s purpose.
  • Freedom from the past, from fears, anxiety, and limitations.
  • Awakened capacity to love both self and others.
  • Deepening identity as the Soul.
  • Recognition and connection with Spirit’s presence in all forms and processes of life.
  • Freedom to express the Soul’s unique qualities and gifts.
  • Shift from self-absorption to joyful service to life.
  • Joy and gratitude for being alive!

Getting Started is Easy

Free 20 Minute Conversation with Alana

It is recommended that potential new clients schedule a free 20-minute session to meet Alana and explore whether Inner Path services are right for you!